Miranda Birch is a mature English lady who writes tales of dominance and submission for the discerning adult. She is a firm believer in female supremacy. She has been writing for many years. Her discovery of Amazon Kindle gave her the idea and the opportunity to find an audience for her work.

Her stories are set in a world of female supremacy, where males are completely subjugated by dominant women. These male slaves are commonly kept nude and in chastity, and severely punished for the slightest fault. Their lady owners exploit them fully for their own pleasure.

This site has been set up to showcase her work, which is available for purchase in eBook form for various platforms — see the books page for details.

Miranda Birch can be found on Twitter as MissMBirch

Very well then, that’s enough third-person! Here I am in first-person! I thought I should add a bit more about what it is I write. My stories are femdom erotica, plain and simple. However, I write different types. Broadly, they can be split into what I call ‘hard femdom’, that is, no-nonsense female domination with a strong helping of fantasy; ‘romantic femdom’, where the emphasis is more on a real-world relationship, and how such a relationship might develop along such lines as to approach, if not reach, the ‘fantasyland’ of the ‘hard femdom’ type; and ‘frilly femdom’, which explores the world of forced feminisation of the male. Within these main types, I like to specialise further. Favourite ‘buzzwords’ for me are BBW, mature woman/toy boy, CFNM, corporal punishment, domestic chores, reluctant/non-consensual… you get the picture, I think. I have a list of all my stories. Amazon provide a handy ‘look inside’ feature so if any title/cover/blurb catches your fancy, you can always have a read of the first few paragraphs to see if its for you.

If you have any comments or suggestions, use the contact form — it’s what it’s there for!


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