A1 Adult Ebooks

This is just a brief note to say that I have started distributing my stories through A1 Adult Ebooks, a smaller e-book distributor that specialises in erotica. As of today, there are just two stories up there:
Maid To Serve
Under the Female Yoke
but I will be adding my entire back catalogue over the course of the next few weeks.
Here is my page there: Miranda Birch on A1AdultEbooks.

Free Stories!

I now have three stories available for free.

UPDATE 6/5/19: now *FOUR* free stories!

Femdom Tableaux, a collection of shorter pieces intended as a showcase of the various sorts of thing I write about.

Revenge, a very short story that forms part one of the three-part Diary of a Dominant Divorcée — which is itself part of the world of “Mistress Lucy’s Estate”).

The Soft Option, part one of the White Collar Crime, Slave Collar Punishment trilogy.

Oddly, this is not free on Amazon — there, it is 99 cents. But it is free everywhere else. I should explain. Authors cannot set the price to $0.00 on Amazon; the lowest it goes is $0.99. Now, sometimes Amazon `price-match’. That is, if their search engines find a book at a lower price elsewhere on the Web, they will reduce the Amazon price to match it. But sometimes they don’t. This time they didn’t.

Morning Coffee is a short but exciting scene from the world of domestic slavery. A good-for-nothing boyfriend is changed into a chaste, naked houseboy running about at his girlfriend’s beck and call!

But that’s not all. if you sign up for the mailing list by clicking here, you get yet another free story, “The Auction”.

2nd Annual Smashwords End of Year Sale!

To mark the season, I am taking part in the “2nd Annual Smashwords End of Year Sale”. All my books are 50% off on Smashwords right up until the end of the first day of the New Year.

Here is a link to my Smashwords author page:


Of course, every individual book page on my website has a Smashwords link too:


Amazon Glitch

Those of you attempting to buy Starting Slave Training from Amazon may be out of luck, unless you are using amazon.co.uk. For some reason, the other stores are not letting you buy this book yet! I do not know why. If the problem has not cleared up by tomorrow, I shall contact support. I shall keep you all posted on any developments. I should say that this only affects Amazon: smashwords & co. are all working fine.
UPDATE 31/10/2018: This story should now be in all Amazon stores. If you cannot find it in yours, please let me know.


I thought I should write a few words about the actual process of publishing a new story. When a story is ready, this is what happens.

I submit the book to Amazon, where it will be subject to review before it goes `live’ and you can buy it. Meanwhile, I submit the book to Kobo and Smashwords. On Kobo it will also be subject to review. On Smashwords, it will be `live’ in their own store at once. I also use Smashwords to distribute to all the other on-line sellers (apart from Amazon and Kobo, of course). Again, there is a review process before Smashwords distributes to those.

The gist of it is, it takes time for the story to be available on all platforms.

Because the bulk of my sales are through Amazon, I have taken to posting about the new book as soon as it goes `live’ on Amazon. That might be before it is available on Kobo, Apple, B&N, etc. What I do is update the book’s page with links to the book on those various other stores as soon as they become available.

So, order of availability will normally be 1) Smashwords; 2) Amazon; 3) Kobo; 4) and then the rest of the pack: Apple and Barnes & Noble are the only ones I make sales on, though my books are quite widely distributed.

If you wish to buy a book from a store other than Amazon or Smashwords, then I suggest keeping an eye on that book’s page until I update it. At first, the page will say “not yet available”; in due course, this will change to either a buying link or, if the book was rejected by that platform’s review process, “not available.”

P.S. If you are buying from Apple or Barnes & Noble, you may find that some of my books disappear from those stores for a while over the next day or two. Do not worry; this is because I have decided to stop using the Draft2Digital (D2D) service for wider distribution, and use Smashwords for it instead. They will all be back on sale before long.

P.P.S. Oh, and on a closing note, may I wish you all a Happy Easter!


Having typed up that long guide to my stories the other day, I feel I should say something about `bundles’. A bundle is where a number of previously-published stories are published together as one book.

What I do normally is to put three stories in a bundle, and then set the price at what two stories would cost, so it is buy two get one free.

Given both the size of my catalogue, and the fact that it is still growing, bundles are a way of saving some money for those of you who want to collect my stories.

I currently have ten bundles, and I realised there was no easy way to find them on my site. So now here they all are listed below.

Most of these are only available on Amazon for now. But I will be publishing the rest on the other platforms sooner or later. If there is one you particularly want, let me know and I will put my skates on!

UPDATE 5/9/19: some bundles unpublished, some bundles new; now 19 for sale on all platforms.


As readers of the mailing list will already know (so subscribe already!), I am now publishing my stories through Smashwords.

I had held off for a long time publishing on Smashwords, simply because of the sheer length of their style guide: it seemed so intimidating. But finally I took the plunge: and it was really easy! Most of my catalogue is up there already, and I will be uploading the rest as and when I get time until everything is there.

So — Click here for my Smashwords store!

Missing Stories

UPDATE: This post is longer true, thank goodness! Since I switched from D2D to Smashwords in March 2018, all of my stories are available on Apple, and all but one on Barnes & Noble. Kobo and Tolino remain a bit pickier, but most stories are still available there. So, problem by and large solved, touch wood.

In April of this year I went `wide’; that is, I started publishing for other e-book platforms as well as for the Amazon Kindle. However, not all distributors are as tolerant as Amazon. Amazon remains the only place where all my stories are available.

The following stories were declined by Draft2Digital, who I use to distribute to iBooks, Nook, Tolino, and Inktera:

Frocked and Locked
Gynocracy Park
Mincing Molly
Prissy Polly Pansy
Rigorous Retraining

The following stories were declined by Kobo:

Auntie's Pet
Femdom Abduction
Mistress Karen's Prisoner
Modern Servitude
National Domestic Service
Perfectly Legal
Serving Miss and Madame
Slave Estate
The New Girl
Trapped Toy Boys
Under Lucy's Lash

And these stories were declined by everyone except Amazon:

Abducted and Imprisoned
Caught & Chastised
Chastised in Captivity


I have started publishing my stories through Kobo as well as Amazon. At time of writing, I have one title ‘live’ and another being processed; but I hope to get my entire back catalogue listed eventually.
UPDATE 16th May 2017: Kobo have at time of writing accepted 31 stories; but rejected 16 for more or less opaque reasons.

Here are all Miranda Birch’s books on Kobo. I do not know how to link directly to particular books in my catalogue, so you will have to scan the list once you get there. Shouldn’t be too hard, but sorry for the inconvenience anyway.