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Femdom Tableaux is a FREE E-book containing over 10,000 words in short scenes illustrating typical themes from my stories. So if you have just arrived at this website and are wondering what it is all about, you might like to download it and read it. If you like some of what is there, I am sure you will like some of my other stories. Oh, and if you do read and enjoy this book, why not show your appreciation by writing a review?

UPDATE 3/5/18: Revenge is now also free (everywhere except Amazon, where it is still $0.99 (tell them about the lower price and they may drop it to $0.00).



I thought I should write a few words about the actual process of publishing a new story. When a story is ready, this is what happens.

I submit the book to Amazon, where it will be subject to review before it goes `live’ and you can buy it. Meanwhile, I submit the book to Kobo and Smashwords. On Kobo it will also be subject to review. On Smashwords, it will be `live’ in their own store at once. I also use Smashwords to distribute to all the other on-line sellers (apart from Amazon and Kobo, of course). Again, there is a review process before Smashwords distributes to those.

The gist of it is, it takes time for the story to be available on all platforms.

Because the bulk of my sales are through Amazon, I have taken to posting about the new book as soon as it goes `live’ on Amazon. That might be before it is available on Kobo, Apple, B&N, etc. What I do is update the book’s page with links to the book on those various other stores as soon as they become available.

So, order of availability will normally be 1) Smashwords; 2) Amazon; 3) Kobo; 4) and then the rest of the pack: Apple and Barnes & Noble are the only ones I make sales on, though my books are quite widely distributed.

If you wish to buy a book from a store other than Amazon or Smashwords, then I suggest keeping an eye on that book’s page until I update it. At first, the page will say “not yet available”; in due course, this will change to either a buying link or, if the book was rejected by that platform’s review process, “not available.”

P.S. If you are buying from Apple or Barnes & Noble, you may find that some of my books disappear from those stores for a while over the next day or two. Do not worry; this is because I have decided to stop using the Draft2Digital (D2D) service for wider distribution, and use Smashwords for it instead. They will all be back on sale before long.

P.P.S. Oh, and on a closing note, may I wish you all a Happy Easter!

A Beginner’s Guide To My Femdom Fantasies

With the number of stories I have written rapidly approaching the magic ONE HUNDRED, I thought it was time to take stock and also make it easier for readers to find what they want. I do have a listing of all my stories, but it is very basic. So here is a more in-depth guide, with the stories broken down by type and then treated of briefly and chattily in roughly chronological order.

Be warned! This is a very long post. The tl;dr version of it is as follows.

Miranda Birch’s femdom fantasies are of three main types:

Romantic — femdom with a softer edge, could also be called Domestic Femdom, as it generally concerns wives/girlfriends in a more ‘realistic’ setting than the hard stuff. The ladies are sometimes BBW, sometimes not, sometimes mature, sometimes not, sometimes harsher, sometimes softer; but always, always, ALWAYS totally in control!

Hard — just what is says on the box! Usually non-consensual; hard labour; frequent severe punishment; nudity and chastity non-negotiable!

Frilly — explores the world of forced feminisation. Can be quite hard or quite soft, but generally leans towards the harder edge of things.

And now: if you are ready for more detail, let’s continue!

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Husband Trainers Times Three

A reader got in touch with a story idea. Since the e-mail address he gave does not work, I hope he does not mind my quoting his words here.

Would you please find the following scenario worth writing:

- correction institute for betraying and masturbating men
- slaves undergo four week training by professional Mistresses. By using
sleep deprivation, strict discipline, sexual arousal, tattoos, hypnosis, panty
sniffing and licking exercises
- losing personal identity, will and learning to obey and serve and do house
chores and sexual services for mature BBW women
- final test before graduation and certificate
- slaves are given back, sold or loaned to their owners who start to keep

Well, I would find such a scenario worth writing. In fact, I have written it — three times! For anyone who finds this scenario exciting, Husband Trainers, Husband Trainers Gone Wild! and Training a Husband are just what the doctor ordered!

How Long Should Stories Be?

I have a new poll. This concerns that old bugbear, story length. Tell me what your favourite length is, if you have one. And do feel free to expand upon the issue in the comments.

Top Ten

Here are the ten most popular Miranda Birch stories as of today, Sunday 4th June 2017. There have been some changes since the last time I did something like this. In particular, I see no less than three `frillies’, as I like to call them. Who knew so many of you boys wanted to dress up as maids and do housework! It’s a wonder any lady in the English-speaking world has to lift a finger!

The Number One has changed: Domestic Service is now far and away the most popular story I have written — I wish I knew why! Speaking for myself, Perfectly Legal was for long my favourite, but of late it has been knocked off my personal number one spot by Frocked and Locked. Well… takes all sorts, doesn’t it?! 😉

  1. Domestic Service
  2. Under the Female Yoke
  3. Maid To Serve
  4. Sold
  5. Prissy Polly Pansy
  6. The Soft Option
  7. Worse Than Prison
  8. Kidnapped
  9. No Escape
  10. Slave Estate

Length of Stories

I originally wrote this for the newsletter, but I thought I might as well post it here too, along with some other points I have thought of since.

I have seen some comments in reviews on Amazon that my stories are too short. I disagree. Feel free to differ, of course, but that is my position. Let me explain.

I do concede that some of my very first stories were a bit on the short side; but I have come a long way since then, and most stories are now twice the length or more of those first few. In any case, I do not hold the view that the longer the story, the better. It can be; but it all depends. Sometimes a story is 5,000 words because that is how many words it takes to tell the story. If it takes more, then I give it more. For example, Frocked and Locked is 17,000 words no less, and I think it needs every one! But more words are only valuable if those words add something. I do not believe in padding. Someone once sent me a 70,000 word femdom novel to review, and I am sorry, your mileage may vary etc. etc. but I was just bored stiff! There is such a thing as too long!

So, unlike those of some authors, my books have no padding in the story; and there is no padding outside the story either. What I mean by that is, there is no big palaver about the author, their other books, etc. etc. before you get to the story; nor another big chunk of stuff tagged on after the story. With me, it is title, subtitle, series if any, author, the blurb (product description on Amazon), one sentence inviting you to subscribe to my newsletter, and then it is straight on to the story. Isn’t that the way it should be? Of course it is. But it does reduce the page count of the e-book.

I do not know about all sellers, but Amazon at least tell you how many pages is in the story. So, you know: if say 20 pages seems too short to you, don’t buy it!

Anyway, I hope that is all cleared up. I shall stop ranting now!