New Year’s Erotica & Eroms Promo Deals Dec. 29-Jan. 2, 2019

New Year’s Erotica & Eroms Promo Deals Dec. 29-Jan. 2, 2019

* Lynda Belle

Highlander Bride Taken (Scottish Erotic Tale #1) (FREE)

Highlander Bride Seduction (Scottish Erotic Tale #2) ($0.99)

* Kimberly Raven

That’s A Wrap (Pregnancy Erotica) (FREE)

* Miranda Birch

The Soft Option (Femdom Fantasy) ($0.99)

* Jacinta Laurenti

Snow White’s Christmas Surprise (Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tale) ($0.99)

* Marilyn Vix

Love In One Act (Steampunk Erotic Romance) ($0.99)

* April Ryder

Biker Babe: Lady Godiva Bk 1 (BBW Motorcycle Romance) (FREE)

* Prolific Works Group NY2019 Erotica Deals Giveaway-over 20 titles

Thanksgiving Erotica/Erotic Romance Deals Promo Nov. 21-25

Banner for Thanksgiving erotica promo 2018

I am taking part in a special promotion for the American Thanksgiving holiday.
Listed below are all the other authors taking part, with those of their books
which are on offer. Everything is either FREE or just $0.99. I hope you find
something you like!

1) Lynda Belle (Holiday & Ancient Roman Erotica)

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Holiday Erotica) (FREE)

For The Women Of Rome (Ancient Roman Erotic Romantic Short)($0.99)

For The Women Of Rome 2 (Just Released)($0.99)

2) Miranda Birch (Femdom Erotica)

Revenge (FREE)

Femdom Tableaux (FREE)

3) Cordova Sky (Breeding Erotica)

Bulging for the Black Belt (FREE)

4) Colbie Dunbar (Omega Erotica)

The Omega Harvest Festival

The Alpha Highwayman

5) T. E. Rainier (F/M Erotica)

Lady Victorias: Manual of the Care and Training of MalesVol. 1 (FREE)

6) Marilyn Vix (Erotic Romance)

Thankful In Vegas (co-written with Lynda Belle)($0.99)

Love In One Act (Steampunk Erotic Romance)($0.99)

And new with this promo, a new GROUP GIVEAWAY through Prolific Works.
Over 50 erotica and erotic romance titles all gathered together by yours truly as
special gifts to start out the Holidays.
(Through Prolific Works, formally Instafreebie)