Mature BBW Punishes

For all you lovers of big, strict, mature, blonde ladies, here is a short photo sequence showing such a lady giving a sound paddling to a naughty toy boy! I imagine Jill St. Clair looks rather like this… Certainly, if these photos are your `cup of tea’, then you will enjoy reading about her in Caught Peeping and its sequel Training Her Toy Boy.


Auntie Helga

I have seen these pictures here and there on the web, and have finally been able to assemble a few from the same sequence. No doubt there are many more out there somewhere. So: here is what I have, with my own captions for your delectation.


While her naked victim waits in the prescribed position, Auntie Helga gathers her equipment.


She thinks a taste of the birch first. And why not take the weight off her feet while she ties the bundle together?


Ready to start thrashing, she takes time out to savour her power. The boy waits, helpless, trembling.


Swish! Right across both buttocks, good and hard!


The birch is extra-painful on his `boy bits’. The first tears are flowing. How delightful!


Now that his bottom has been tenderised, it is cane time! We had better have him tied down for this.


Auntie Helga takes her time, measuring the buttocks with the rod to make sure she strikes with maximum effectiveness.


THWACK! — “Oooohhhh!”


She cannot resist having a good grope even as she continues the thrash her
young captive soundly.

And that is the last picture I have of this sequence. But something tells me
that this session went on and on and on…!

Learning to Obey

“I don’t want to keep secrets from my friends,” Jenny said firmly.

She was sitting in her favourite cane high-backed chair, out in her garden. It was a sunny day, and the birds were singing. In front of her stood Pete, standing stiffly at attention.

Jenny was in the middle of another one of her lectures.

“It’s high time you got used to other ladies seeing you, slave Pete. Because in future, whenever I have guests, you will be waiting on the company.”

Pete tried desperately to gather together what shreds of self-respect he still possessed. He was desperately confused. Life with Jenny seemed to get harder, not easier. The holiday was supposed to have cleared up her anger about his porn stash. Instead, she seemed to be crosser — and bossier — than ever.

“But please Jenny,” he pleaded, “you can’t let anyone see me like this. This is our private life.”

No, slave Pete!” Jenny shouted angrily. “This is our life, full stop! You are my slave — my property! I can do what the bloody hell I like with you! I make the rules — your only concern is to obey!”

She paused and glared at him.

“And now: fetch the cane, slave,” she ordered, emphasising each word.

Pete had no choice. He had nowhere to go, no money (the holiday had used up all his savings), and he wasn’t even sure where she had put his clothes — he had been kept naked since their return from holiday. So he brought her the thin, supple rod which he had come so to dread, dropped to his knees, and offered it on upturned palms. “Thank you”, she said superciliously, calmer now, taking the cane in one hand and swishing it through the air to and fro.

Twenty four vicious cuts later, laid on with all her strength, and a sobbing Pete knelt before her, thanking her for correcting him and promising to be an obedient slave in future.

She look down at him, feeling a twinge of pity. Still, it was all for the best. She helped him to kiss feet, kissed him, then whispered gently, “Now, put the cane back and then get the garden ready for afternoon drinks. My friend will be here soon.”

“Yes, Mistress Jenny” he said with a choked sob. He went and put the cane back on its hook in the kitchen, then began to prepare the garden for afternoon drinks. Jenny sat at her ease, watching him as he skivvied for her. This was the life!

If you would like to read more, Awakening the Mature BBW Domme tells the full story of Mistress Jenny and slave Pete.

Uniform Inspection

Cathy regarded with mocking curiosity the figure before her.
“Let’s have a look at this uniform then,” she sighed as though it were such a terrible chore. “Oh but those eyebrows!” she exclaimed. “Were they plucked this morning?”
She looked hard at the trembling male maid.
“Y-yes, Mistress,” he stammered nervously.
“Well they don’t look properly plucked to me. Make sure you pluck them *properly* tomorrow morning!”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Hmmm, rouge is just about OK, but the lippy…” she shook her head, “… you have not done very well at all: nothing like that luscious, exaggerated cupid’s bow look I want. You need concentrate on getting that right in future, don’t you?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Come closer then, let’s have a look under the frock.”
Petunia Pinkpanties minced a few steps closer and gathered his skirts high about his waist.
“no knickers again!” she remarked with a laugh. “What a slut you are, Pinkpanties! Mmm, fully shaven down there, I see; that’s something.”
Then she tugged at the thick, narrow tube of polished alloy in which Petunia’s flaccid penis was locked, and asked playfully, “I hope you haven’t been trying to get out of this, Petunia?”
“No, Mistress.”
She cupped his balls in one hand and gave a none-to-gentle squeeze.
“Yes, these do feel full to the brim. So if you have being trying, you can’t have been very successful!”
She laughed, the released his full and aching balls, and let his skimpy frock fall back to cover what it could.
“Right, that’s the end of uniform inspection.”
Petunia Pinkpanties bobbed a respectful curtesy and minced away.

And that is just one of many explicit scenes of sissy humiliation in Transformed, the third and final part of The Petticoating of Petunia Pinkpanties!

Femdom Art: Maxim

If Only He Knew...

“Miss Davenport’s plan had worked like a charm. The young chap had fallen for her, and was now being reeled in. In her mind’s eye she could already see him as he soon would be. Naked, locked in chastity, and about to undergo a drastic introductory course of bondage and punishment!”

A definite toy boy trap feel to this one!

I know nothing about this artist other than that he is called “Maxim”, and does not appear to have drawn anything for ages.

Femdom Art: Mejscan

slave naked and chained faces paddling after spanking

Well! She does’t mess about, does she? However, I think it would be better to have him up on tippy-toes voluntarily, with the threat of a real punishment (not just these few “love taps”) should he break position. Whatever about that: his bottom has clearly been nicely tenderised with a caning, so now it is time for a long hard paddling by way of variety…

Femdom Art: NimRod

Petunia’s owner was kind enough to allow him to work outside the home part-time at her friend’s hair-dressing salon. He sweeps up, scrubs floors and surfaces, and makes tea and coffee for the ladies. He makes minimum wage — and every penny goes to his `frock fund’! Because a male maid can never have enough uniforms!

I thought I would say a few words about the marvellous artist `Nimrod’, whose illustration I used for the cover of The Petticoat Plot. His pictures of female domination are quite extraordinary, and so much better than most of the stuff one finds on the Web. So if the captioned picture (art by Nimrod, words by moi) is your sort of thing, here are two links you must click:

Nimrod’s Blog
Well, it’s a blog! Not updated much recently, but perhaps if enough new readers come in it will liven up a bit?

Studio Oridomain
Nimrod’s Captioned Illustrations. A membership site, but well worth the modest charge.

Femdom Art: Namio Harukawa

I find the pictures for my covers by searching for suitable images on the web. During one such search, I came across some remarkable drawings. A bit of investigation brought up the artist’s name: Namio Harukawa. I dare say he might be well-known to some of you, but this was my first sight of his work — and I must say, I like what I see! Big beauties keeping their little mannies exactly where they belong! On the other hand, Amazon would most definitely not approve of my using such explicit images on my book covers, even if I could get the copyright issues sorted out. Oh, well. Here is a small gallery with a selection of my favourite images.

P.S. anyone who wants to read about submissive men being facesat by BBW need go no further than my catalogue. I might in particular suggest the “Husband Trainers” trilogy, and “Tanya Hyde”.