Femdom Art: NimRod

Petunia’s owner was kind enough to allow him to work outside the home part-time at her friend’s hair-dressing salon. He sweeps up, scrubs floors and surfaces, and makes tea and coffee for the ladies. He makes minimum wage — and every penny goes to his `frock fund’! Because a male maid can never have enough uniforms!

I thought I would say a few words about the marvellous artist `Nimrod’, whose illustration I used for the cover of The Petticoat Plot. His pictures of female domination are quite extraordinary, and so much better than most of the stuff one finds on the Web. So if the captioned picture (art by Nimrod, words by moi) is your sort of thing, here are two links you must click:

Nimrod’s Blog
Well, it’s a blog! Not updated much recently, but perhaps if enough new readers come in it will liven up a bit?

Studio Oridomain
Nimrod’s Captioned Illustrations. A membership site, but well worth the modest charge.

Femdom Art: Namio Harukawa

I find the pictures for my covers by searching for suitable images on the web. During one such search, I came across some remarkable drawings. A bit of investigation brought up the artist’s name: Namio Harukawa. I dare say he might be well-known to some of you, but this was my first sight of his work — and I must say, I like what I see! Big beauties keeping their little mannies exactly where they belong! On the other hand, Amazon would most definitely not approve of my using such explicit images on my book covers, even if I could get the copyright issues sorted out. Oh, well. Here is a small gallery with a selection of my favourite images.

P.S. anyone who wants to read about submissive men being facesat by BBW need go no further than my catalogue. I might in particular suggest the “Husband Trainers” trilogy, and “Tanya Hyde”.