Favourite Source of Femdom Fiction

What is your favourite source of femdom fiction? Answer the poll and let me know.


How Many Books By Miranda Birch Do You Own?

I am curious to know how many of my books you own. At least a few, I suppose, if you are interested enough to be reading this! So take the poll and let me know!

Favourite Type Of Story

Which type of story do you prefer? To refresh your memory, look here first for an explanation of the types.

Where Do You Buy?

New poll: where do you buy Miranda Birch’s books?

How Did You Discover Miranda Birch?

Assuming you are already a reader, how did you find out about Miranda Birch’s femdom fantasy erotica?

What Makes You Click?

What makes you stop and check a book listing out? I presume that you search with keywords, and get a big old list of results. What makes you click on one of those search results? Do let me know!

Should Miranda Birch Write Femsub?

Although I write femdom, I have occasionally flirted with some femsub material, e.g. in The New Girl and Serving Miss and Madame. What do readers think of my writing some pure femsub stories? A turn-on, a turn-off, or a so-what? Here’s a poll to let me know:

What Makes You Buy?

Time for another poll. What makes you buy? That is, what is the one most important factor in your decision whether or not to buy a story from the Amazon Kindle Store?

Your Favourite Themes

A big thanks to all of you who voted in my first poll, “Your Favourite Story“. If you haven’t voted yet, do so! I will be leaving it open, anyway.

Here is a new one, where you get to pick your favourite themes. This is multiple-choice, so you can vote for as many themes as you like. If your favourite theme isn’t listed you can vote ‘other’ and then type your favourite theme in yourself. As ever, comments welcome.

Your Favourite Story

Let me know what your favourite #femdom #erotica story of mine is, so I can write more like it! After you have done that, you might like as well to vote for one or more of your favourite themes.