Tumblr Back Again

I finally figured out how to get my password reset, though I still do not know what happened to mess it up in the first place. Any way, I can now post to tumblr again. Which is nice.


No More Tumblr

I have been unable to log in to my tumblr account for a while now. Heavens only knows what has happened. Since I cannot regain access to my tumblr account (tumblr help has been less than outstanding), I am abandoning my tumblr blog (missmbirch.tumblr.com) as of today. If you were enjoying it, sorry! If you weren’t, well then, no worries! Just thought I should let you all know.


“This is the free book. This is the Miranda Birch femdom fantasy FREE BOOK. To you, it’s gold. And you don’t get it! Why? Because giving it to you would be just… throwing it away. It’s for subscribers.”

So for Heaven’s sake, subscribe to the Miranda Birch Newsletter already! And get your FREE BOOK!

(With sincere apologies to Alec Baldwin, should he be reading).

The Miranda Birch Newsletter

This is a reminder, for any of you who might not be aware, that I do have a mailing list — or newsletter, as I prefer to call it. This is to keep my readers informed about new publications, special offers, and what have you. Please note: this list will never be shared or sold, and you can of course leave it at any time. As a way of saying “thank you” for subscribing, each new subscriber will receive a link to download a free story!

The newsletter is sent out once a week OR every time I publish a new story, whichever is LESS frequent: so you will never get more than one e-mail a week, and sometimes less. It is sent out on Wednesday.

Originally, the purpose of the newsletter was to let you know almost the very instant a new story came out. But if you really want that, I invariably post a blog entry as soon as the story is `live’, and tweet as well, so if you really need to know ‘as soon as’, you can watch the RSS feed or my twitter timeline (or whatever it’s called!). The newsletter is more for those of you who DON’T want to be checking things every five minutes!

Subscribers to the newsletter can get second editions of my books free of charge if they bought the first edition. Send me the code at the end of the book, and I will send you a PDF file of the book which is easy to import to your Kindle. It is easy to get such files onto your Kindle. Amazon even has a service for it.

So, why not subscribe to the Miranda Birch Newsletter?