Reality Check

This is an interesting article that I stumbled across while googling “who reads femdom?”. I thought I would share it: How NOT to introduce your partner to femdom.

Seasons Greetings

Just a short note for those of you who follow the blog: here’s hoping you had a merry Christmas, and I wish you a happy new year!

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Finally, a big heartfelt thanks to those reading who bought one or more of my stories this year. I only started published in April 2016 and feel I have made good progress since then. I look foward to writing lots more stories for you all in the new year.

Custom-written Stories

If you have a favourite scenario which you would like to see come to life via the power of the written word, now is your chance.  I have started taking story suggestions.  So, if you have a particular story which you would like to have custom-written, contact me with the details.  I suggest you be as detailed as you can, though of course you don’t want to write the story yourself!  The story will be published in the usual way, and you will of course remain anonymous.

Catherine’s Campaign; or, the Booby Trap

Update: This story has been withdrawn from publication, and republished as Catherine’s Conquest.

Twenty-year-old Catherine Marchmont has lured Robert Taylor into marriage. He is American, exceedingly wealthy, and, despite being in his 40s, inexperienced with women. But she, while young and beautiful, is also a calculating, demanding bitch of a woman. For as long as she can remember, she has planned to marry a man whom she can control completely. And now, here he is. Since Robert is infatuated with her, he has always submitted to her whims and demands… believing that, once they were married, he would be able to assert himself more. How wrong this proves to be is proved on their very first night as a married couple…