Muscular Women Beat Wimps

Cover of Muscular Women Beat Wimps

Muscular Women Beat Wimps: Femdom Wrestling is the latest Hard/Domestic Femdom Fantasy from the keyboard of Miranda Birch. It features TWO tales of macho males who bite off more than they can chew, and find themselves physically overpowered by the superior sex! These powerful women fight their men into complete submission!

1. His Downfall
The confession of a sexist pig who foolishly claims that there is no way he could ever be beaten by a women. But he is beaten and subjugated — by his girlfriend! Who then turns him into her slave!

2. Wrestled into Submission
When his wife takes up wrestling with her friend, Jake is eager to join them at the friend’s flat and watch. Who knows, maybe he will even participate? Wrestling with the shapely Anne seems desirable from every point of view. But he hasn’t anticipated a battle with a strong woman who despises men and their assumptions of superiority. A strong women who is only too eager to prove herself the superior in the ring!

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