Property of Mistress Lucy

My latest publication, Property of Mistress Lucy: Femdom Lifestyle 24/7, is a bundle of three previously released stories comprising Books I—III of Mistress Lucy’s Estate.

This book is a bundle of 3 previously-released stories, now ON SALE for the price of 2 — so, buy two, get one FREE!

Miss Debbie Parker has settled in America, where she is staying with her
dear old friend Miss Lucy Elcox, the owner of a large plantation in a remote
country location. Here many scores of males are kept in captivity, toiling
in the fields or in the mansion. All have been kidnapped and brought
secretly to the estate. Some are convicts who have escaped from gaol, All
are under the supervision of female overseers, many of them negresses.
There is in addition one female slave, the personal possession of Miss Lucy,
who uses her for sexual gratification.

Ponies: Femdom Equestriennes

Although she is no stranger to the world of femdom, Lucy’s set-up surpasses all of Debbie’s expectations. Here, on her first full day on the estate, Lucy is showing her around.

Slave Estate: The New Old South

Naked male slaves toiling non-stop for the female owner’s profit, or used for the entertainment of said owner and her guests. Mere fantasy for most… a living hell for these unfortunate male chattels! In the “Diary of a Dominant Divorcee” series, we were introduced to the extraordinary world of Lucy Elcox and her estate stocked with male slaves. Now, a visitor to that estate describes a typical day.

The New Girl: An Addition to Mistress Lucy’s Estate

Life on Mistress Lucy’s femdom estate continues. A life of ease and pleasure for the dominant lady guests, a life of toil and suffering for the unfortunate submissive males. In this episode, the third of the series, Debbie receives a very special present from her bestie, Mistress Lucy… because who says only males can be submssive?! Meanwhile, her personal male slave is lent to one of the staff!


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