Big Bossy Bitches

Big Bossy Bitches: BBW Femdom contains three previously-released stories at a special BARGAIN price.

Here are three tales of big fat bitches who dominate weaker males TOTALLY! Nudity and chastity are the rule for males here, as well as total obedience. These submissive males are severely punished for any fault, however minor. And they must worship EVERY INCH of their owners’ big fat bodies.

Oh, yes — these BBW are COMPETELY in charge!


“Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly…”

A young man’s fantasies lead him into a unusual real-life relationship with a dominant BBW. He quickly loses control over events, and descends in a spiral of submission, slowly at first, then plummeting down to his doom. He ends up as the property of a very strict and demanding Mistress. There are no more fantasies now, only harsh realities. And there is no escape!


The confessions of a mature BBW dominatrix. She tells how she enslaved a younger man — and got away with it! Read how she ruthlessly uses and exploits her naked captive! Lurid details of their life together as Mistress and slave! Gosh! That’s a bit “News of the World-y”, isn’t it! (That’s Weekly World News for American readers, I believe). Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Anyway, here is my guide to, as the subtitle says, owning your very own male slave — and getting away with it!


A mature BBW has gone into business as a “love slave trainer”. Husbands and boyfriends are delivered to her well-equipped home to be trained as body slaves. The trainee will stay there in captivity until he has learned to please to the Mistress’s exacting standards. The trainee is kept completely nude and in a state of total sexual denial. Of course he is teased — but complete chastity is the rule! He is subject to a rigorous training regime until he has become a devoted body slave. When training is complete, he is released into the custody of the lady friend who sent him for training. He will spend his life in service to his former wife or girlfriend — now his owner!

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Free Book: Femdom Tableaux

cover of "Femdom Tableaux"
Just a little note to let you all know that Femdom Tableaux is now FREE on all platforms. Get it here.

Free Story: Revenge

Just in case some readers missed it: Revenge: A Domina Triumphant is now free in all stores. As it is short, I thought I might as well post the whole text of it here too. If you have not read it before, I hope you enjoy it now. The usual download links for all the stores are here if you would like the ebook version too.


A Domina Triumphant
Episode 1 of Diary of a Dominant Divorcée

Lucy and I were having coffee one Saturday when it happened. We were discussing my ex-husband, Jonathan, and his disgraceful behaviour, and I was thinking out loud about how I would like to be revenged.

“I want him to be owned by a big black woman”, I said with a sudden fierceness that surprised even myself. “Very big,” I elaborated, “very strict, and very demanding!” I could see it surprised Lucy. The idea had just suddenly popped into my head, and then out my mouth. “And I want him to spend the rest of his life as her humble little arse licker!” I was surprised at my vulgarity, but what the hell! I could even see it in my mind’s eye; a huge big bare black bottom, and Jonathan’s head squashed underneath it, mouth open, struggling to breath, tongue hard at work…

Jonathan had always been a bit racist — though he denied it of course, inveterate liar that he was — and it seemed a most appropriate fate for him. Of course, when I said the words, they were just that — words. Pure fantasy. I little realised how soon they would be come reality!

Once Lucy had got over her surprise, a thoughtful look crept over her face. She spoke slowly, clearly still thinking things through.

“You know… it’s the funniest thing, but… it so happens that I have such a client… and believe it or not, she is looking for something very specific — a tall, slim, well-spoken, well-educated white man from England! I haven’t been able to provide her with what she wants. Most of mine are young guys from the States. But… it’s Jonathan to a tee, isn’t it?

I couldn’t believe it!

“So you’re saying…”, I began hesitantly.

Lucy nodded, more to her self than to me, then interrupted:

“I am saying we could do a trade. If you can arrange things so that my girls can pick up Jonathan, I will give you Robert free of charge. You like him, don’t you?”

I was speechless. It was a very generous offer. I knew how much trouble it was to train up a male slave. And I knew that however much I did to ensnare Jonathan, most of the actual work would be done by Lucy and her associates. Good old Lucy!

And as for Robert! Lucy had lent him to me as my personal slave during my stay with her. He was just fresh out of college, ripped and buff, a former football player, and once upon a time (and not so long ago at that) I guess a bit of a frat-boy — but now, transformed at the hands of Lucy and her girls, he was humble and submissive and eager to please… and that tongue of his! Lucy was right, he was far and away my favourite. As I say, she had generously allowed me to have him all to myself while I stayed with her — but now she was offering to simply give him to me! I had the chance to own him!

“Oh, Lucy!…” I stammered.

Lucy smiled at me. “You deserve it, after what you have been through — what that bastard put you through. And I know Jonathan’s British accent will just drive the lady I have in mind wild!”

“Not that he will spend much time using his mouth for talking!” I guffawed. And we both cackled like evil witches!

I was busy with work at my new job and moving in to my new apartment, and forget all about our little chat. But some time later, I got a call from Lucy, bringing me up to date. It seemed that ensnaring Jonathan had proved to be quite simple. The girls picked him up from campus after framing him with a rape charge — people would simply assume he fled rather than face justice, especially after he recent marriage break-up. Since then, he had been undergoing the usual intensive training routine. She invited me over to see the progress she had made.

And so after work, I went straight round to Lucy’s. Lucy met me herself, and we went to the observation room. This is a room with a one-way mirror adjoining one of the training rooms, so that one can watch without being watched. I had been there before, of course, to watch the girls put some hapless newcomer through his paces, `helping’ him to adjust to his new life as a slave. But this time, as Lucy explained, it was to be Jonathan and his new owner!

“Normally of course clients prefer privacy, but Gracie has kindly allowed us to watch as she puts him through his paces.”

I had not met Gracie. I gasped out loud as she waddled into the adjoining room. She must have been at least 400lbs. She was average height. But I must say, she carried the weight well. She looked to be in her fifties. And there, behind her, crawling on hands and knees, a white male — and yes, it was: it was Jonathan! He was completely naked. There was a stout wooden collar about his neck, padlocked, and to this was attached a chain leash by which Gracie was leading him. I could see the heavy steel cock restraint dangling between his legs. He was well-marked with welts and bruises, his bum and thighs in particular were just a mesh of red marks — clearly Gracie had a heavy hand! Indeed, I saw that a thick black leather strap was dangling from the black leather waist cincher she wore over a white blouse and tight black leggings.

“Gracie knows we’re watching, of course”, Lucy whispered to me.

I nodded.

“My God, she’s a BBW and a half, isn’t she, this Gracie?”

Lucy smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Not exactly poor Jonathan’s type, really, I gather?”

I smiled with delight. Indeed not!

“No, he likes young slips of things, naïve students.” I felt a sudden surge of the old bitterness. But I suppressed it, and continued: “Or he did. No more of that for him!”

I ended with a note of triumph and returned my attention to Gracie and her new slave. The activities in the room were audible through the loudspeakers placed strategically near to us.

“Kneel up boy!” I heard Gracie boom in a deep voice. Jonathan obeyed at once, kneeling erect, hands clenched behind his neck, legs wide — obviously an accustomed posture. The trainers had been busy!

“What your name, boy?”

Jonathan didn’t hesitate. In that crisp British accent I had once loved, he enunciated:

“My name is Arselicker, your Highness.”

“Dat right? And now how about you tell me what you are?”

“I am your slave, your Highness.”

I detected a slight tremble in Jonathan’s voice, but other than that his enunciation was prefect, and he sounded extremely respectful and humble.

Gracie nodded with approval.

“You sure is!”

Then she began to disrobe. The blouse came off first, followed by the bra. Her breasts were really quite enormous, and without the help of a bra hung down low on her big belly. Gracie struggled to get her leggings down and, once they were finally around her ankles, kicked them off. She was wearing a simple black thong as underwear. The thong seemed superfluous, it covered so little — but then, there was so much to cover! That came off too.

To my surprise, Jonathan, still kneeling, quickly approached and kissed the big black rump, each cheek in turn, over and over, covering every single square inch, while Gracie stood arms akimbo, no doubt savouring her triumph. It must have been something she had trained him to do. Then she ordered loudly:

“OK boy! Git yoar cute lil’ lily-white ass up on that bench, and lets see if you can live up to your name!”

It was a sight to see how meekly and humbly Jonathan crawled to the bench and lay full-length upon it, face up. Gracie straddled him, and then that big black bum came down, totally engulfing Jonathan’s head. The big woman gave a satisfied grunt.

“Let’s see if your tongue-work ain’t improved any! It betta have!”

She unhooked her strap and brought it down hard on Jonathan’s left thigh, the let it rest there, no doubt as a reminder to him of what he could expect if he failed to please.

Lucy looked at me, and laughed at my astonished pleasure. Although she had kept me up to date with Jonathan’s — or should I write, Arselicker’s?! — training, it was one thing to know about it and quite, quite another to see it. That smug, arrogant, cheating bastard reduced to the status of a naked slave, lead around on a leash by his owner, and severely punished for any lack of enthusiasm in licking said owner’s fat black arse!

“By the time Gracie has finished with him, I dare say Jonathan will be able to get a PhD in analingus!” she said, and we laughed together, watching the big black Mistress using her white slave. Gracie had begun to wriggle and writhe. Clearly Jonathan’s tongue was having an effect. Well, far better that than using it for telling lies!

“Will she keep him here?” I asked, suddenly curious. I assumed the answer would be `yes’, since it was so much more secure. But Lucy surprised me.

“No,” she said. “Gracie lives in a gated community a few hundred miles from here. Exclusively black female supremacists with white slaves. Very good security. She will take her slave home with her in a few days, I expect, once she is satisfied with the state of his training. Now in that area we here are unsurpassed!” she paused to allow me to complement her on that, which I duly did; then continued: “and there she will introduce her new slave to his new life of domestic drudgery and sexual servitude!”

I laughed and said: “I don’t think there will be much new in the second part!”

Lucy laughed, linked her arm in mine and said:

“Indeed not! So, I think we’ll leave our two lovebirds to it, eh?”

“Sure thing”, I said happily. I took one last look at my cheating ex-husband, stark naked, locked in chastity, his head engulfed under those enormous dark-brown bum-cheeks. He was no longer a professor. Now he was just a slave, striving with might and main to give pleasure to his big black owner. No more young student girls for him! Hah! Just desserts!

Later that evening, still at Lucy’s, in the private room she had generously allowed me to use even though I had now got myself a nice apartment in town, I had time finally to take stock. As I reclined at my ease sipping a glass of Lucy’s excellent champagne and enjoying a devoted pussy-lapping from her — no, I suddenly realised, my! — my slave-boy, I thought of how far I had come, how very, very far. Really, it had all started with that cruise…

You have read the first part of Diary of a Dominant Divorcée. If you liked it, I am sure you will want to continue Pauline’s story, in which she recounts her exciting life-journey from bitter divorcée to dominant male-slave-owning Goddess. Get it here!



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Mature BBW Punishes

For all you lovers of big, strict, mature, blonde ladies, here is a short photo sequence showing such a lady giving a sound paddling to a naughty toy boy! I imagine Jill St. Clair looks rather like this… Certainly, if these photos are your `cup of tea’, then you will enjoy reading about her in Caught Peeping and its sequel Training Her Toy Boy.

Auntie Helga

I have seen these pictures here and there on the web, and have finally been able to assemble a few from the same sequence. No doubt there are many more out there somewhere. So: here is what I have, with my own captions for your delectation.


While her naked victim waits in the prescribed position, Auntie Helga gathers her equipment.


She thinks a taste of the birch first. And why not take the weight off her feet while she ties the bundle together?


Ready to start thrashing, she takes time out to savour her power. The boy waits, helpless, trembling.


Swish! Right across both buttocks, good and hard!


The birch is extra-painful on his `boy bits’. The first tears are flowing. How delightful!


Now that his bottom has been tenderised, it is cane time! We had better have him tied down for this.


Auntie Helga takes her time, measuring the buttocks with the rod to make sure she strikes with maximum effectiveness.


THWACK! — “Oooohhhh!”


She cannot resist having a good grope even as she continues the thrash her
young captive soundly.

And that is the last picture I have of this sequence. But something tells me
that this session went on and on and on…!

Learning to Obey

“I don’t want to keep secrets from my friends,” Jenny said firmly.

She was sitting in her favourite cane high-backed chair, out in her garden. It was a sunny day, and the birds were singing. In front of her stood Pete, standing stiffly at attention.

Jenny was in the middle of another one of her lectures.

“It’s high time you got used to other ladies seeing you, slave Pete. Because in future, whenever I have guests, you will be waiting on the company.”

Pete tried desperately to gather together what shreds of self-respect he still possessed. He was desperately confused. Life with Jenny seemed to get harder, not easier. The holiday was supposed to have cleared up her anger about his porn stash. Instead, she seemed to be crosser — and bossier — than ever.

“But please Jenny,” he pleaded, “you can’t let anyone see me like this. This is our private life.”

No, slave Pete!” Jenny shouted angrily. “This is our life, full stop! You are my slave — my property! I can do what the bloody hell I like with you! I make the rules — your only concern is to obey!”

She paused and glared at him.

“And now: fetch the cane, slave,” she ordered, emphasising each word.

Pete had no choice. He had nowhere to go, no money (the holiday had used up all his savings), and he wasn’t even sure where she had put his clothes — he had been kept naked since their return from holiday. So he brought her the thin, supple rod which he had come so to dread, dropped to his knees, and offered it on upturned palms. “Thank you”, she said superciliously, calmer now, taking the cane in one hand and swishing it through the air to and fro.

Twenty four vicious cuts later, laid on with all her strength, and a sobbing Pete knelt before her, thanking her for correcting him and promising to be an obedient slave in future.

She look down at him, feeling a twinge of pity. Still, it was all for the best. She helped him to kiss feet, kissed him, then whispered gently, “Now, put the cane back and then get the garden ready for afternoon drinks. My friend will be here soon.”

“Yes, Mistress Jenny” he said with a choked sob. He went and put the cane back on its hook in the kitchen, then began to prepare the garden for afternoon drinks. Jenny sat at her ease, watching him as he skivvied for her. This was the life!

If you would like to read more, Awakening the Mature BBW Domme tells the full story of Mistress Jenny and slave Pete.

Femdom Art: Maxim

If Only He Knew...

“Miss Davenport’s plan had worked like a charm. The young chap had fallen for her, and was now being reeled in. In her mind’s eye she could already see him as he soon would be. Naked, locked in chastity, and about to undergo a drastic introductory course of bondage and punishment!”

A definite toy boy trap feel to this one!

I know nothing about this artist other than that he is called “Maxim”, and does not appear to have drawn anything for ages.

Awakening The Mature BBW Domme

Awakening The BBW Domme: Toy Boy Gets More Than He Bargained For! is my latest Romantic Femdom Fantasy. In the old days before the Internet, erotic literature came in the form of printed magazines and books. In this story, a mature BBW discovers her toy-boy lover’s stash of ‘femdom’ magazines. On the advice of a friend she decides that the only way to save their romance is to introduce real female domination into it! If you have ever dreamed about being dominated by a larger, older lady, then this story is for you!

Caveat emptor: an earlier version of this story appeared under the title Found Out.


NB: my books are always available on Amazon and Smashwords; but, due to circumstances beyond my control (censorship), they are only likely to be available on Kobo, Nook (Barnes & Noble), iBooks (Apple) and Tolino.


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Mistress Nina’s Petticoated Playthings

Cover of Mistress Nina's Petticoated Playthings

Mistress Nina’s Petticoated Playthings: Femdom Feminisation is a trilogy of stories centering around the formidable emasculatrix Mistress Nina — and her feminised, sissified, once-male playthings! In “Kidnapped”, we are introduced to Mistress Nina and accompany her as she captures, breaks and feminises an unfortunate fellow who falls into her clutches. In “Prissy Polly Pansy”, it is her advice and help which are instrumental in sealing another sissy’s fate. And in “Mistress Nina’s Party”, the Mistress and her friends gather together of an evening to show off their various slaves — including the two aforementioned petticoated playthings!


NB: my books are always available on Amazon and Smashwords; but, due to circumstances beyond my control (censorship), they are only likely to be available on Kobo, Nook (Barnes & Noble), iBooks (Apple) and Tolino.


Here is a comprehensive set of links for this book to the various Amazon Kindle Stores. If your country isn’t on the list, use USA (plain vanilla
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