Subjugated Sissies

Three tales of ruthless female domination in which males are subjugated and sissified!

This book contains THREE previously-released stories for the price of TWO: so it is buy one, get one FREE!

Polly: Dominated Domestic Drudge

An `old flame’ makes a chance reappearance in a man’s life. He is eager to start where they left off. She is dubious. But they can get back together, she finally concedes — on certain conditions. A female-led relationship ensues, with Pete transformed into Polly, a chaste, fully-uniformed housemaid! Fiona’s style of femdom is that of a “velvet domme” — but it is still very much female domination, and she is very much in charge!

Sissies In Service: A Tale of Domestic Servitude

Susan learns all about her old friend Arabella’s new life-style on a visit to her friend’s luxurious house. She is surprised to learn that house is staffed by servants. Who can afford that in this day and age? Susan soon learns that here, the old “upstairs, downstairs” routine of yesteryear has been given a new twist — for the `maids’ are sissified males, who slave away round the clock free of charge for their strict, demanding Mistress!

Rock Bottom: Enslaved and Sissified

Blackmailed into submission, the petty criminal Oliver, now a feminised sissy slave called `Dolly’, toils from early till late for his demanding Mistress. Even Mistress Samantha’s slave girl is superior to him in the pecking order. He really has hit rock bottom.



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