Tumblr Bloody Tumblr

Tumblr Hypocrisy

I have started a new tumblr account: missmirandabirch.tumblr.com.
My old one was deleted without warning — hundreds if not thousands of posts just gone! Irony of ironies, what was one of the first posts I saw on my new tumblr dashboard? The above call to arms to — fight censorship!

No More Tumblr

I have been unable to log in to my tumblr account for a while now. Heavens only knows what has happened. Since I cannot regain access to my tumblr account (tumblr help has been less than outstanding), I am abandoning my tumblr blog (missmbirch.tumblr.com) as of today. If you were enjoying it, sorry! If you weren’t, well then, no worries! Just thought I should let you all know.