I am pleased to announce the publication of yet another femdom fantasy: “Sold: Femdom Exchange & Mart!”.

The problem with being a slave is that a slave is property, and property gets bought and sold. This truth was brought home with a bang to Pete when, one day, he was unceremoniously bundled into the boot of his Mistress’s car and delivered to a new owner. Pete wasn’t sure whether his former Mistress had needed the money or had simply grown tired of him. Either way, he was now the property of a much more strict and demanding Mistress than he was used to. Life was about to get a whole lot harder for Pete…

This story is around six and a half thousand works.

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I hope you enjoy it!

It may seem that I am publishing a lot more than usual these last few days. And indeed I am. I have some holiday time to use up, so have more time for writing; and I also want to sort out all the old, long half-finished stories that have been ‘lying around’, figuratively speaking. So I have been a busy little bee lately.

Domestic Service

In “Domestic Service: Femdom with Benefits”, a young man answers a job ad., and finds himself in a strange world behind high walls where service way beyond the usual is expected and required of the ‘staff’. The Mistress of the house is indeed Mistress of all she surveys; and the staff must serve her in all sorts of bizarre ways… This features CFNM, chastity, pony play, puppy play and even a bit of straight sex.
This story is roughly six and a half thousand words long.
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Femdom Abduction

In “Femdom Abduction: Two Tales of Dominant Female Terror!” we rejoin Debbie & Jackie, the Dominant Duo, previously seen in Dominant Retribution, for another pair of adventures.

Please note that earlier versions of both stories previously appeared under the titles “Indecent Assaulter Assaulted Indecently” and “Trained to Please.” If you own both, you might want to skip this one, as the changes are not major.

Episode Three: Indecent Assault

Just out of prison, jobless and friendless, it looks like Fred Walker has hit rock-bottom. But things are about to get even worse. Debbie and Jackie have found another victim — him! The two female tyrants subject their latest captive to a non-stop regime of humiliation and punishment.

Episode Four: Trained To Please

After a week in the clutches of Debbie and Jackie, Fred wishes he were somewhere else — anywhere else! But he is not going anyplace. His new life as a slave has only begun…

The two episodes together amount to over 10,000 words.

Catherine’s Conquest; or, The Booby Trap

I am pleased to announce the publication of another femdom fantasy. “Catherine’s Conquest; or, The Booby Trap: The Ultimate Female-led Marriage”, tells the story of Catherine Marchmont, twenty years young, a slim, beautiful English girl, who has lured Robert Taylor, an American man in his mid-40s, exceedingly wealthy, but, despite his age, inexperienced with women, into her web. They are now engaged to be married. But Catherine Marchmont, while young and beautiful, is also a calculating, demanding bitch of a woman! For as long as she can remember, she has planned to marry a man whom she can control completely. And now, here he is! Since Robert is infatuated with her, he has always submitted to her whims and demands— believing that, once they were married, he would be able to assert himself more. How wrong this will prove to be!

This tale is over 11,000 words, which makes it my longest story to date.

An early version of the first part of this three-part story previously appeared as “Catherine’s Campaign; or, The Booby Trap”, but if you are one of the rare people who bought that, this story is well worth buying too, since it is the whole thing from start to finish.

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Femdom Retribution

Another Miranda Birch femdom fantasy has been published. This one is called Femdom Retribution: Dominant Duo Punish Miscreant Males!
Some readers have commented that my stories are rather on the short side. This is something I am aware of, and aim to change. This book, therefore, is significantly longer than usual — over 9,000 words in all.
It comprises two short stories, linked by having the same pair of female protagonists, the big blonde Debbie Parker and and the petite brunette Jackie Wilkins, both just eighteen years old.
In the first, they have their introduction to female dominance when they catch their boss in their garden stealing their knickers.
In the second, they put their new-found taste for dominating men to good use in punishing the local flasher.
If the book proves popular, I think we shall be hearing more from this dominant duo. I rather like these two young ladies, and I would not be surprised if they were to go on the rampage and spread a wave of femdom terror all over southern England! So watch out, boys!
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I hope you enjoy it. As usual, do feel free to post comments — and even criticism, if you dare!
There follows a short excerpt.
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On Loan

Another Miranda Birch femdom fantasy has been published. A Mistress lends her submissive to two friends while she goes away for the weekend. The girls have their usual fun and games with him. But the fun is all on their side. For their hapless male victim, it is all about pain and humiliation! This story is rather harsh and cruel, with CTB and watersports and heavy humiliation. It is approximately 5,720 words in length. I hope you enjoy it. As usual, do feel free to post comments — and even criticism, if you dare!

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Rigorous Retraining


Another Miranda Birch femdom fantasy has been published. “Rigorous Retraining” is set in a near-future femdom world, where Prime Minister Tessa March, a no-nonsense disciplinarian, has decided that what the country needs is good old-fashioned discipline. Being unemployed and male becomes a crime, punishable by retraining in special centres staffed by cruel sadistic females. Rigorous retraining for anti-social sexists! Give them a short, sharp femdom shock! What could possibly go wrong?! This story is approximately 8,300 words in length. I hope you enjoy it.For your convenience, here are links to and

Trained To Please

“Trained To Please: Breaking In A New Sex Slave” is… well, exactly what it says on the packet! After only a week in the clutches of Debbie and Jackie, two strict young dominas, Mike wishes he were somewhere else — anywhere else! But he is not going anyplace. His training as a sex slave has only begun… These two young women enjoy breaking and training young males to serve as their sex slaves. How long will this latest one last?

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Slave Estate


My latest story, a femdom fantasy, has been published today. In the “Diaryof a Dominant Divorcee” series, we were introduced to the extraordinary world of Lucy Elcox and her estate stocked with male slaves. Now, a visitor to that estate describes a typical day, in which naked male slaves must toil non-stop for the female owner’s profit, or are used for the entertainment of said owner and her guests. Mere fantasy for most… a living hell for these unfortunates! If you liked any of the books in that series, I am sure you will enjoy reading this one too.

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The Awakening

My latest story is “The Awakening. The Rousing of a Dominant BBW Tigress.” It is a femdom romance in which ‘prim and proper Primrose’, a shy BBW, meets a young man who draws her out of her shell. But he gets more than he bargained for! Primrose imposes a regime of traditional domestic discipline — and then some! Plenty of spanking, facesitting, and chastity!

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