Here you will find details on how to buy my books, and a complete list of all the books I have published.

If you are searching for a particular type of story, there are two ways these are categorised on my website. First, we have the category Erotica. Within that, there is Femdom. Within that, there is Hard, Romantic, and Frilly. So clicking on the Frilly category should bring up all the stories in the Erotica/Femdom/Frilly category. So that’s one way to find your type of story. Also, there are things called Tags, which identify the themes (well, that’s what I call them anyway) in a story. For example, Countess Garouge is tagged as 24/7, caning, castration, CFNM, chastity, corporal punishment, historical, horror, oral, torture, vampirism. If you click on any tag, it gives you a list of all stories which are tagged with that particular theme.

How to Buy Miranda Birch’s Books

Details for each platform I support are below. The TL;DR version is that you are best off buying from Amazon, because they are the only platform who carry all of my stories. Every other one has rejected some or most of my stuff. Well, apart from Inktera, who also appear to take everything.


Amazon is easy. There are amazon links on each book page (see below); or just go here: Miranda Birch on Amazon.

Nook (Barnes & Noble)

Nook used, like Amazon, to publish everything. But times have changed, and some of my older stories have now been kicked out! That said, most of my stories are still available. Just go here: Miranda Birch on Nook.


Inktera publish everything; but their website could do with some work. Go here and search for “Miranda Birch”.

Apple (iBooks)

Miranda Birch on iBooks.

NB: Apple too are rather picky about what they will accept. That said, they have taken quite a few of my stories. But if you cannot find a story on iBooks, I am afraid you must try Amazon, Nook or Inktera.


Miranda Birch on Kobo.

NB: Kobo are rather picky about what they will accept. Out of 69 submissions, Kobo have declined to publish 18, leaving just 51 for sale on this platform.


Tolino also are rather picky about what they will accept. In fact, they generally only take the mildest of stories — even some of my self-styled `romantic femdom’ is too much for them!

Tolino serves the German-speaking world, and distributes to quite a lot of shops. Here they all are: just search for “Miranda Birch” on whatever one you fancy:


Miranda Birch’s Femdom Fantasies

Here is a complete list of all Miranda Birch’s Femdom Fantasises. Her stories are of three main types:

Hard Femdom — just what is says on the box! Usually non-consensual; hard labour; frequent severe punishment; nudity and chastity non-negotiable!

Romantic Femdom — femdom with a softer edge, could also be called Domestic Femdom, as it generally concerns wives/girlfriends in a more ‘realistic’ setting than the hard stuff. The ladies are sometimes BBW, sometimes not, sometimes mature, sometimes not, sometimes harsher, sometimes softer; but always, always, ALWAYS totally in control!

Frilly Femdom — explores the world of forced feminisation. Can be quite hard or quite soft, but generally leans towards the harder edge of things.