Husband Trainers


My latest femdom fantasy is called “Husband Trainers”. The Hawkins’s
marriage is on the rocks, and Mrs Hawkins decides to do something about it.
An advertisment in ‘The Lady’ catches her eye:

“Ladies, is your husband become a blessed nuisance? Send that
mischief-making man in your life to us for a complete marriage make-over —
satisfaction guaranteed! Because femdom marriage guidance is the BEST
marriage guidance!”

And sure enough in just fourteen days of Miss Masters’s rigorous training
methods, as applied by her big, buxom young assistants Nurse Gently,
Nurse Kindly and Nurse Nasty, the hapless Geoff Hawkins is transformed into
`licky-boy’, a humble and obedient wife-pleaser! This story is full of very
intense facesitting, pussy worship and bottom worship. It is about 7,000
words long. I hope you like it; I certainly enjoyed writing it!

Here are a comprehensive set of links for this book to the various Amazon
Kindle Stores. If your country isn’t on the list, use USA (plain vanilla

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